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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  December 21, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm rosemary connors. right to the forecast now with meteorologist bill henley. good morning, bill. >> good morning. it is a mostly cloudy morning. a little bit of a breeze here at the nbc 10 studios. every so often we get movement in the flag but not much right now. it is calm. clouds have moved into the area. but you won't need your rain gear today. right now 44 degrees in philadelphia. with the southwesterly wind at 10 miles an hour. gusts are stronger in wildwood. the temperatures, they are all over the map. 30s in chester springs, wilmington at 39, and while it's 44 at philadelphia international, look at the cold for quakertown, allentown is below freezing and 27 degrees in coatesville. sunshine, on hold for most of the day. might see some breaks of sunshine today and temperatures that will be climbing into the 50s. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i come back in 10 minutes. katy zachry has your first alert traffic. >> we're on the green for drive times on many of the
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pennsylvania majors. 76 eastbound from the blue route into center city philadelphia that is an easy drive of 13 minutes. 95 southbound between woodhaven and the vine only about 14 minutes, and then the blue route, everything looking good there all morning going southbound between the schuylkill expressway and 95. expect 15 minutes. average speeds in the upper 50s, mid-60s on our majors in pennsylvania. this is a live look at 422 right at trooper road. things are moving pretty smoothly here along 422. but if you are approaching 422 eastbound and you want to get off at the exit for route 29, there is an accident there. so be aware of that if that's part of your commute. i'm following an accident still not cleared, lancaster avenue right at remington road for our drivers there. and moving outside into new jersey right now a live look at route 73 at 295, running smoothly on the local roads and the majors in new jersey. >> thanks for that. one person is dead and more than 35 people recovering after a
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driver plowed into a crowd on the vegas strip. >> this morning police believe that it was intentional. a live look at the vegas strip you can still see in the distance there actually immediately there on the screen flashing police lights. this is nine hours after the crash. police are there investigating and gathering evidence. police say the woman driving repeatedly swerved her car onto the crowded sidewalk in front of the paris hotel and casino last night. witnesses say what they saw is hard to believe. >> suddenly saw like people fly in the air, because the car hit them and it was like a bowling ball hitting pins. >> overnight police have been interviewing the driver and testing her for alcohol and drugs. police stay a 3-year-old child was in the car with her but that toddler was not hurt. >> a man is taken to the hospital after being burned in a house fire. firefighters were called to this house on north 54th street in west philadelphia around 2:00
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a.m. it took about a half hour to get the fire out. investigators are looking into the cause. >> a pennsylvania supreme court justice caught in an e-mail scandal heads to court to fight for his job. matt delucia is live in our digital operations center to explain what's happening today. >> pennsylvania supreme court justice michael eakin has been on the job for 13 years but that is in jeopardy. he will defend himself trying to avoid a suspension, this as he awaits trial for exchanging offensive inappropriate e-mails. the 6 member court will hold the hearing later this morning to decide on an interim suspension. justice eakin is accused of violating conduct rules of the court. and this stem also from attorney general kane's investigation that found e-mails passed between judges, prosecutors and attorneys. justice eakin has apologized for the e-mails in question, he said back in october that the messages do not reflect his character or belief.
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one of the judges on the panel meeting today says the e-mails may have damaged the public confidence in the state supreme court, we'll keep an eye on what happens with that hearing later this morning in northampton county. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." a northeast philadelphia community is coming together after a fiery crash claimed the lives of three people including two young women yesterday morning. friends and family hugged as they met in the street near the crash site. they lit candles to remember the victims. >> was just the sweetest person. i miss her so much. >> tried to do everything i could to get them, to get them out of that vehicle. i tried. and i'm sorry that i couldn't. >> we spoke to that man early yesterday. he sauf the crash and tried to save the three people but it was too late. the car went up in flames after hitting the tractor-trailer
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parked on tarsdael avenue. the car was speeding. investigators are looking into whether the truck was parked illegally. another vigil last night, this one in philadelphia's kingsessing neighborhood to remember a 23-year-old man who was killed over the weekend. a gunman shot justin in the neck, back and shoulder along belmar street saturday night. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. so far police have not made arrests. >> today we'll get details only funding for a police departments across new jersey to buy body cameras for officers. officials say the technology will help promote transparency, accountability and trust between police and the community. criminal forfeiture funds will help pay for the systems. lawmakers in harrisburg are discussing options trying to figure out the next move after a budget deal fell apart on saturday. legislative leaders were working at the capitol building through the weekend on saturday the
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republican controlled house killed a pension reform bill that the senate wanted. senate republicans are refusing to support a tax increase that tom wolf wants. >> it's 6:06. if you saw it you know it wasn't pretty. last night's eagles' loss makes it simple win next week and stay alive for the playoffs. a fourth and one went no. where chip kelly opted it new use demarco murray. and the cardinals coasted from there to their eighth straight win, 40-17. now many eagle fans who showed up last night tried to get out early. a faint hint of hope. >> it was horrible, it was disgusting, it was embarrassing. >> they suck right now. they just suck. >> we still have hope for the playoffs. don't count us out. >> i like the hope.
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the birds saturday night against the giants. seven minutes after 6:00. we are seeing temperatures in the 30s and 40s as clouds move in. cloudy skies to start with. we could see a break or two of sunshine during the day today. but rain is on hold until we get to tomorrow, i'm tracking rain action some showers tomorrow and then steadier rain on wednesday. and then record temperatures. just in time for christmas eve. and christmas day is going to be on the warm side too. right now, though, cold, 32, look at the 40s, philadelphia international is 44, 48 degrees in cape may. clouds are overhead. but no rain until we get to tomorrow. slow moving system is going to be coming in that's going to be possibly the first showers early in the morning tomorrow. this morning the temperatures in the 30s for pottstown,
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coatesville and doylestown. look at the 46-degree reading in millville and atlantic city and the 44 in philadelphia, well, there are some milder spots too for bucks county along the delaware river. it's 38 degrees in new bowl. it's 33 in richboro and north at the freezing mark for quakertown. sunshine, watching for it. a little bit of sunshine but the clouds increasing this afternoon. the rain holds off until tonight and tomorrow. for today, 46 degrees in camelback, clouds for fleetwood, pennsburg and morgantown. the low 50s, no sign of the normal december cold for king of prussia 54. you know that's going to be a busy spot. morristown, 56 degrees. and clouds mostly cloudy skies at the shore. near 60 for rehoboth beach and milford. millville 56 degrees this afternoon. and in the middle 50s for philadelphia and wilmington. berlin, new jersey, 57 degrees
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today. this is the last day of fall. winter arrives just before midnight tonight. but it's not going to feel like winter. seven-day forecast tracking warmer weather when i'm back in 10 minutes. getting ready to go to work or maybe go shopping. >> or maybe go shopping. an accident just in, katy is watching that. >> yeah, i'm watching it on the blue route. 476 right at ridge pike. you can see it. there are emergency crews on the scene. i just got this information so i'm still getting more details. looks to be at least one, possibly two cars involved from the lights and the number of vehicles we see on the left side of the roadway. so be aware of that if you are headed around ridge pike. there is that accident. on 422 eastbound near the ramp for 29 has cleared so that's great news because traffic on 422 eastbound really starts to pick up around this time. lower merion township, there is an accident out there at
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lancaster at remington road. we'll make a call to make sure that is still in place. for drive times on new jersey roadways, 295 pretty good between route 38 and 168. that drive only about 12 minutes. then the 42 freeway is looking good as well. despite some of that construction is there at 295. there are no delays northbound between route 55 and the walt whitman bridge. >> the hunt is on for a texas teen who got only probation in the drunk driving crash that killed four people. we'll tell you why the d.a. says this video could be the reason he decided to run. >> and exploring a cave in north jersey turns into trouble. a group of boy scouts jump into action to save their scout master from a bear.
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>> the manhunt continues for the texas teenager who claimed his family's wealthy lifestyle was the reason he drove drunk, killing four people. evan couch missed a meeting with his probation officer. a judge issued a warrant for his arrest. no one has been able to find him. the marshall service believes someone must be helping him hide out and they think it could be his mother who also went missing nine days ago. this video appears to show couch and friends playing beer pong which could be a violation of probation which means he could go to jail. ever since his controversial affluenza defense in 2013 and unexpected 10-year probation there have been complaints of special treatment for the wealthy. >> i think accountability for him and would come in the form of swift and certain and severe punishment. >> couch's lawyers are not commenting on his disappearance. >> some schools in new hampshire are closed after a violent threat. police in nashua, new hampshire say a school administrator
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received an e-mail threatening to harm staff and students at two schools. police are still working to confirm if this is credible. schools are closed as a precaution. this is just the latest school threat across the country. los angeles, new york and miami all received threats last week. >> we are hearing from former president jimmy carter himself about the death of his grandson over the weekend. carter shared that news with the congregation at his church in plains, georgia yesterday. jeremy carter was 28 years old. the former president said his grandson wasn't feeling well on saturday night and had to lay down. when jeremy's mother went to check on him, his heart had stopped beating. >> took him to the hospital and we got there i guess about 1:30 this morning, and after we were there for about 20 minutes his heart stopped beating again, so they tried to give him cpr but he passed away.
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>> it's not clear what caused jeremy carter's death. >> church members in wilmington are keeping the faith after their house of worship burned down. yesterday the pastor of the church led worship at a nonprofit. here's how the fire looked wednesday from a viewer's drone. this is a second fire at the church in the last two weeks. still the pastor says the congregation is staying strong. >> even though we lost our church in that fire devastated us we still have jesus as lord. and he has a way of bringing us together with faith and strength. >> federal investigators are looking at whether the fire was a case of arson as well as a hate crime. >> for all of us procrastinators we have four days until christmas. it's down to the wire for last minute shoppers. we caught up with folks at the walmart in south philly. they told us they are feeling
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the pressure to get it all done. >> it's a little crazy out here but people getting together for their families, the last minute crunch. i'm trying to get the north pole together so you know it's crazy people getting the things they need. >> crazy is the way to describe it. if you are looking for information on extended hours for the holidays, go to or click on the nbc 10 app. >> keep a positive attitude. if you are hitting the roads for the holidays or shopping, the average price of gas continues to drop. according to aaa it's now just less than $2 a gallon. which is down 16 cents from last week. in philadelphia it's $2.22. we could see the average price shed a few cents into the new year. the rest of the area the average gas price in the philadelphia area is $2.20, south jersey $1.88 and delaware, $1.97.
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>> 6:17 on monday. our katy zachry is starting us off on the blue route. >> we have an accident, the blue route southbound around ridge pike. i was able to get more information. this is the scene, there are several emergency vehicles out in the left-hand lane. it looks to be the shoulder area. the traffic is not even slowing from what i can tell. the vehicle, it's hard to tell there but those are either the headlights or taillights as it veered off the roadway. there's,h3é at least one car involved. i don't know about injuries. that would lend itself to how long this would be out there. there is a tow truck on the scene. we are still following an accident, this happened about two hours ago, we made a call, no injuries reported and we're trying to confirm. until i know that, be aware lower merion township along lancaster at remington road a crash from earlier this morning that we're hearing is still out there. a look at drive times on 95
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headed southbound going between woodhaven and the vine about 15 minutes. a few under that northbound between the vine and woodhaven road north of center city philadelphia. we'll look at mass transit as well as delaware roads. 19 minutes after 6:00. clouds are moving in, the temperature has been moving up in philadelphia had dropped to 37 degrees. that was at 5:00 this morning. then it bounced up to 44 thanks to a little bit of a breeze. out of the southwest at 10 miles an hour. that's the breeze that's going to warm the entire area, just as winter is about to start. happens tonight just before midnight. winter solstice but it's not going to feel like winter soon. we are going to stay mild into winter, the first days of winter. the cold air in the poconos they took advantage over the weekend.
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it's cold enough to make snow. that's a live view from shawnee. the temperatures are cold, just below freezing for allentown at the freezing mark in reading and pottstown. look at the 40s, not just philadelphia international and south jersey and atlantic city. cape may is 51 degrees. even though we have cloudy skies, it is dry. for now. to the west you can see the rain moving through the midwest and that's only rain. to find snow north into canada. that rain the first will likely come into our area first thing tomorrow morning. the futurecast shows that this rain will be arriving in northwestern pennsylvania and north central pennsylvania by 4:00 this afternoon. our skies mostly cloudy. first thing tomorrow morning at 3:00 in the morning we'll see rain but a fast mover during the commute most the rain is off to the north and west in the morning during the afternoon that's when we'll see showers starting to move into the late morning, the heavier downpours during the afternoon. 3:00. watch this. 3:00 in the afternoon, 4, 5 and
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6, there they go, showers are out of here tomorrow afternoon so a fast-moving system tomorrow. the first day of winter. for today, the last day of autumn, mostly cloudy skies, high temperatures in the 50s today. but the first days of winter do not look wintry at all. look at that, 63 tomorrow afternoon. rain will be steady on wednesday, 66. then record temperatures for christmas eve. 73 degrees. still warm for christmas day with a high of 64. showers possible christmas night and saturday and sunday you might need your umbrella. you won't need are your winter coat. >> 6:21. a scare in the air forces an air france plane make an emergency landing. you could be sipping on a cup now. turns out the more coffee you drink the better for your health according to a study.
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>> coffee drinkers are less likely to die from a variety of causes like heart disease and diabetes according to a new 10-year study that compares people who regularly drink of coy to those that don't drink it at all. the risk was lowest at four to five cups a day. >> good morning. i'm katy zachry with a look at the roads. there is an accident on 476 southbound at ridge pike, emergency crews are on the scene. it seems to be on the shoulder not tying anything up. traffic is wizzing past. new information about an accident on the schuylkill expressway around center city. >> and before i give you details on that let's get a check of our forecast for today with meteorologist bill henley. hi, bill. >> we're getting a dry start. clouds are overhead and temperatures have been warming up. 6:25, 44 degrees.
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>> a pennsylvania supreme court justice will defend his seat. i'll have details. >> so lcolombia. >> a new miss universe takes the crown. right after steve harvey the host returned to the stage to make an announcement no one expected.
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he's one of the highest law enforcement officers in pennsylvania, and caught in the middle of a porn e-mail scandal. today we'll know more about the fate of the state supreme court >> a bear attacks a scout master and his troops come to the rescue. >> she was the new miss universe
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for about two minutes. we'll explain the mistake that ended with miss colombia strippedp her crown before she left the stage. >> good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm tracy davidson. it's 6:30. 44 degrees in philadelphia. let's check with bill henley and get his forecast. >> monday the last monday morning of autumn. winter arrives late tonight. we're starting off with dry conditions, a live view from center city. the clouds have been moving in through the night and the temperatures have been coming down. some areas more than others. pottstown 32, 34 in coatesville. wilmington in the upper 30s and it was in the 30s at philadelphia international. now 44 there. it's dropped in the 30s for roxborough. south philadelphia and northeast philadelphia running colder so there is a chill in the air. it will ease just as clouds move in. 44 degrees at 8:00, by 11:00 up to 50 degrees and climbing and much has to do with that, the wind out of the southwest, a bit
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stronger as we go into the afternoon. so you'll see a good warm-up today on the last day of autumn. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back. katy zachry is following your first alert traffic. >> we are seeing things slow a bit on 95 southbound as you make your way between woodhaven and the vine street expressway. this is the southbound traffic where you can see it's slowing a little northbound moving fine. it's going to take about 20 minutes at this time to make that drive between woodhaven and the vine headed to center city philadelphia. there was an accident along 76 westbound around the exit for spring garden. be aware of that. there is a lane restriction, i'm in the process of trying to find that in the cameras. for drivers in lower merion township an accident that we're told is throughout on lancaster avenue at remington road. >> now to breaking news about that fake bomb found on an air france flight that caused an emergency landing. a former french police officer
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is in custody right now at charles de gaulle airport, he was sent back to paris from kinnia where the plane was forced to make the landing. all we know is that he is facing charges of causing a false alarm. police have been questioning his wife and four others but not under arrest. the device is made out of card board, paper and a kitchen timer. this is the fourth bomb hoax against air france in the last few weeks. >> police arrested a suspect in a triple shooting that killed one man. nbc 10 was on the scene on gilbert street. the gun fire broke out around midnight. the two surviving victims are in stable condition. still not clear what led to the shooting. >> a porn e-mail scandal lands a pennsylvania supreme court justice on the other side of the bench. matt delucia is live in our digital operations center. tell us what's happening today. >> tracy, this hearing by the pennsylvania court of judicial discipline will decide whether to sus spent justice eakin.
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the 6 member court will hold a hearing later on this morning and could vote for an interim suspension. the state's judicial conduct board is arguing that justice eakin violated conduct rules of the high court. this is fallout from attorney general kathleen kane's investigation that found many e-mails with racist, sexual and homo folkic content. the justice has apologized for the e-mails that messables do not reflect his character or belief. we'll keep an eye on what happens when the hearing gets under way. live in the digital operation center, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." >> in north jersey a boy scout troop leader is telling a terrifying stroyr how he survived a bear attack. this happened around noon the bear attacked the troop leader when he went in a cave
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off of a hiking trail. he was with three scouts at the time who were not hurt. one called 911. able to find the group by using the gps of that scout's cell phone. hospital for treatment. neighbors in the area are on edge. >> that makes me a little bit nervous. absolutely, having a pet, having a dog around, and i live back here i am going to be much more aware of my surroundings. >> it's not clear what the extent is of the boy scout leader's injuries. he did go to the hospital. this attack jumps shortly after the end of the state's extended bear hunting season. >> two philadelphia police officers are recovering today after crashing their cruiser. the officers were heading to a call yesterday when they crashed at south 53rd and springfield avenue. both officers went to the hospital but they are expected to be okay.
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>> new details about the man believed to have coordinated last month's attack in paris. a french paper is reporting that he head in bushes for four days. he was killed by police five days after the attack. french newspaper says investigators used a cell phone to confirm where he had been hiding. >> today the friend of one of the stan bern shooters will be in court for a bail hearing. enrique mar yez faces conspiracy and weapons charges. prosecutors say he bought the two assault rifles used by farook and his wife. that massacre killed 14 people and wounded nearly two dozen others. 6:35 is the time. clouds are moving in. if you are moving out the door there are some cold spots in the city the temperatures are all over p the map. 30s and 40s to start with. that's with cloud i skies.
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the clouds will be with us most of the day. the rain will hold off until tomorrow. i'm tracking rain for the first day of winter and record temperatures for the first week of winter and look likes timed in time for christmas eve. 32 now in reading, there is some cold around. not so much in philadelphia at the airport and cape may is 48 degrees at this hour. you can start to see some of the clouds as we get closer to sun rise, that's a live view the from the marquis de lafayette hotel. you'll see some breaks but mainly cloudy day. in spite of these temperatures we'll see a pretty good warm-up during the day today. and clouds, they'll be staying with us right on through today, tomorrow, and wednesday. then we'll finally get some sunshine for christmas eve. with these clouds, the temperatures would go -- without the clouds they go warmer. with the clouds low 50s for bethlehem and pennsburg. a light breeze out of the southwest in abington and morristown that's going to warm temperatures in the middle 50s
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for each of those locations. closer to 60 for parts of the shore, 58 in avalon and look at symrna 57 degrees. the delaware beaches to philadelphia, 50s today. 55 the high in philadelphia, berlin, new jersey, 57 and low 50s for malvern. sunshine on hold, umbrellas will be going up tomorrow. got the seven-day forecast with a look at your first days of winter when i'm back in ten minutes. >> 6:37 on monday. and some trouble spots out there. >> including on 76, katy has been watching that. where is that accident? >> we have a couple things. we'll start with our issues in pennsylvania on the majors there. 76 westbound right around the exit for spring garden, expect a lane restriction there. also if you are a new jersey driver in woodland township along 72 there is a two-vehicle crash on route 72.
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we have sent sky force 10. hopefully in ten minutes i'll be able to give you more information. for drivers in lower merion township expect there to be possibly remnants at lancaster at remington road. we haven't been told that they officially cleared the seam. along 295 look pretty good between 38 and 168. that drive only about 13 minutes. 42 freeway gets stacked around this time especially northbound between route 55 and the walt whitman bridge. reminder wood land township there is at least a two-car crash on 72. we'll have more in about 10 minutes on that. >> thanks, katy. it's the battle of the front-runners. donald trump versus the hillary clinton. >> she lies like crazy about everything. >> it's a war of words. got the pundits wondering if this is a preview the of the general election. the comment by clinton that has
6:39 am
the donald fired up. >> the slumber is over. "star wars: the force awakens" isn't just waking but smashing records.
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>> a memorable night at the blue cross river rink. this guy was able to get everybody to clear the ice to get down on one knee and propose to his girlfriend. the warm embrace, she said yes. >> very sweet. now to this. it could be the biggest mistake in beauty pageant history. host steve harvey announced miss colombia was the winner. she was the first runner-up, not the winner. she stood on stage celebrating
6:43 am
with the crown for two minutes before harvey came to correct the mistake. >> i have to apologize. the first runner-up is colombia. >> that means the crown had be taken off her head and given to the miss universe, miss philippines. steve harvey called at a terribly honest human mistake. to make it worse he sent out on twitter saying sorry to miss philippians instead of miss philippines. >> 6:43. new video and information from china showing a landslide as it happened. a witness captured it on his cell phone yesterday. you can see the dust and mud rising from buildings wrecked. nearly 100 are missing in the city near hong kong.
6:44 am
chinese officials say the slide came from a mound of excavated soil and construction waste. they are now investigating the disaster. >> now to decision 2016 and the battle of the presidential front-runners. republican donald trump is expected to expand on his response to democrat hillary clinton when he is interviewed on the "today" show. the flap started during the democratic debate saturday night. clinton claimed that isis is using trump's comments as a recruiting tool. that comment drew fire from trump who called into meet the press yesterday morning. >> nobody has been able to back that up. it's nonsense. she lies like crazy about everything, whether it's trips where she was being gunned down in a helicopter or airplane, she's a liar and everybody knows that. >> hillary clinton wasn't the only candidate who took aim at trump over the weekend. here is a listen to jeb bush. >> one other thing.
6:45 am
donald trump is a jerk. you cannot insult your way to the presidency, you can't disparage women, hispanics disabled people. who is he kidding. >> jeb bush went loose on trump during a town haul in new hampshire. trump responded by calling bush quote a weak and ineffective person. >> 44 degrees in philadelphia. starting today if you own a certain kind of drone you need to get it registered. those that weigh more than a half pound up to 55 pounds have to be registered with the faa on february 19th when it goes into effect. any one that buy as drone after today has to register it before its first flight outdoors if you plan to fly it outside. there is a $5 fee. you won't have to pay, it's being waived, if you register before january 20. >> the largest consumer drone maker opened its first retail store in china. it claims 70% of the market worldwide. customers were lining up to get
6:46 am
inside and watch demonstrations. officials hope the store will expand its customer base and reach a bigger market. base models for these start at around $1100. >> this morning police in california will release the names of five people killed in a small plane crash. rescuers pulled the five bodies from the wreckage. it was heading from san jose to nevada before controllers lost contact. the plane did send a may day call before disappearing from radar. >> in new orleans police are protesting removal of a statue honoring robert e lee. the group calls themselves unapologizing americans. on thursday the new orleans city council voted to remove prominent confederate monuments including the statue of lee. the federal lawsuit has been filed to stop the efforts to remove them. >> a true sign it's the season of giving. a florida community is spreading cheer to a family who lost
6:47 am
presents and their dog to thieves. the family was devastated when they realized the dog was gone. a neighbor was able to find him a day after he was taken. and then the community stepped up. a local harley-davidson dealership replaced the gifts and bikers in santa suits surprised the family. >> i just couldn't hold back the tears. i shed a tear or two on my way back. >> this is amazing. i want to say thank you to everybody that made this happen. >> police are still looking for the people responsible for the burglary. >> just four days from christmas now and at shepherd elementary in philadelphia santa and his elves will hand out gifts and winter coats to students. the school is getting a gift, independence blue cross is giving the library a makeover. >> happening today the young patients at cooper university
6:48 am
hospital in camden are in for a treat. a visit from santa, expected to arrive this afternoon aboard a medical helicopter. he will spend time and hand out gifts. >> a santa is helping to spread some love. >> to a young patient who is fighting the disease right now. santa eric showed up in a truck 14-year-old from south philadelphia. the police officers let sal sit on their bikes and members of the army came in uniform to help it's his dream to join the army. this event was organized by a nonprofit founded in memory of a toddler who lost his life to leukemia in 1998. >> have you seen it yet? "star wars." >> i have not. i'm looking forward to it. >> i haven't seen it. planning on it but a lot of shows were sold out. >> quickly. >> over the holidays. it could be the biggest ever. >> that's what experts are
6:49 am
saying about the flick. >> unfinish "star wars" shatter records bringing in $238 million which is $30 million more than the previous record holder "jurassic world." it took in about 5$517 million locally. disney which now owns the franchise says it's planning four more movies through 2019. 6:49. here it is, the last day of autumn. we're starting off with some clouds. in facts, sky force 10 is in the air. you can see a little bit of sunlight. we're in twilight. the sun will come up after 7:00. mostly cloudy day. any breaks of sunshine are going to be hit and miss. right now 44 degrees in philadelphia. the wind has picked up so the temperatures have actually been climbing in the last couple
6:50 am
hours. there you can see some breaks in the clouds over center city. this is a live view. and the wind is starting to pick up, that wind is going to play a key role in our weather today. the colder temperatures north and west, allentown, read, pottstown, in mount holly and trenton going to be replaced by milder temperatures to the south. cape may at 50 degrees. the southwest winds will kick in in spite of mostly cloudy skies. we'll see clouds but the radar shows that the rain for tomorrow is well to our west. it's making progress, though, it is in the ohio valley right now, and will move into pennsylvania during the afternoon. but those first showers really fall apart. 5:00 this afternoon our skies mostly cloudy. and dry through this evening. first thing tomorrow morning, though, 4:00 in the morning that is rain falling in chester, montgomery and bucks county with steadier rain to the west. those are the first raindrops of winter. 2015.
6:51 am
the winter solstice officially 12 minutes before midnight winter will begin. it's not going to feel like winter any time soon. today, well, doesn't feel like the last day of fall either. even though we'll see mostly cloudy skies, a warm-up, 50s this afternoon. southwest winds at 12 miles an hour. not warm enough? maybe you'll enjoy winter. 63 degrees for tuesday, some scattered light showers tuesday, then a steadier rainfall and a warmer day wednesday, but the warmest day of them all will be christmas eve, 73 degrees, we'll break the record that we set last christmas eve at 64 degrees. by christmas day, still mild, 64 the high temperature, a chance of showers late in the day christmas eve more likely christmas eve night, then saturday we'll see those rain showers. but showers will be around sunday, temperatures are back in the 60s. >> look at santa, so happy about 64. nine minutes before 7:00.
6:52 am
let's get you to work on this monday. >> katy is keeping an eye on the cameras. >> we're seeing volume building on 95. 76 i'm keeping my eye on. look at all of the brake lights eastbound into center city philadelphia and your drive time from the blue route to the vine street expressway is about 22 minutes and that keeps creeping up. be prepared to wait on 76. westbound there is a slight delay but not as significant as eastbound. into new jersey now, a bad accident i'll tell you about but first drive times on 295 southbound between 38 and 168 about 13 minutes. the 42 gets very busy this time of morning. and the drive time increased a little as you head between route 55 and the walt whitman bridge. i want to take to you this live shot from sky force 10. it just arrived over the scene to an accident in burlington county, this is in woodland township. and we are seeing at least two
6:53 am
vehicles involved in this head-on collision on route 72, a number of emergency vehicles are here and you can see cars are being diverted around. pretty sizable scene. we go to my map i can tell you exactly what is closed. we can also stay on this picture or go to my maps. okay. route 72 is closed between route 70 and chatsworth because of that scene you saw. again, very large response there, that two-car crash and debris in the road. i'll show you another shot of this before we end the show. i'm matt delucia live in the digital operations center. a pennsylvania supreme court justice will be on the other side of the bench. i'll have details next.
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>> >> we have breaking news. belgian police raided homes in brussels and taken two people into questioning, in connection with the attacks in paris last month. this is video just in to the newsroom. the two men will be in court today, is130 people were il kild last month. >> i'm matt delucia live in the digital operations center. today pennsylvania supreme court jisties michael eakin will defend himself. in question whether he should be suspended while awaiting misconduct charges. ea-mails from the porn gate scandal. he could lose his seat on the bench. the hearing will play out in a live in the digital operations
6:58 am
center, i'm matt delucia, "nbc 10 news". >> good monday morning. a look at sky fours 10 over the scene of a pretty serious crash in burlington county in woodland township along route 72. we know at least two vehicles are involved. potentially two vans hit head on. it's quite a scene. a lot of debris, a lot of emergency vehicles out. we can see, and you can see the spin line of traffic is slowly making its way around. if we go to my maps i'll show you what is closed as a result of this accident. so route 72 which you saw is closed between route 70 and chadsforth road. you're going to want to be prepared for delays in that area. we are seeing delays throughout many of our majors, especially 76 toward center city philadelphia between the blue route and the vine will take
6:59 am
about 23 minutes there, and here are drive times along other majors in pennsylvania. 95 not too bad southbound and 476 looking good. ah, the wind mills are blowing at lincoln financial field. hoping to clear the skies. not going to happen today. maybe hoping to clear the memory of what happened this yesterday. we have a few clouds in the area, scattered clouds moved in. mostly cloudy. we're waiting to see sunshine. so far a mix of cold temperatures for much of the area. there are some 40s, 45 at philadelphia international, 40 now in roxborough, it's just above breezing in south philadelphia and northeast philadelphia at the airport. mostly cloudy day but in spite of those clouds, the numbers will be climbing, 52 at lunch time, 54 degrees at 3:00 this afternoon. today, the last day of autumn. >> nice. the "today" show is coming up next.
7:00 am
good morning. chaos on the strip. a woman with her toddler in the back of her car repeatedly plows into pedestrians on the las vegas strip overnight. one dead, dozens injured, and police believe she acted intentionally. a live report this morning. feuding front-runners. dold trump fires back after hillary clinton calls him isis' best recruiter during the democratic debate this weekend. >> hillary's not strong. hillary's week, frankly. her policies were a disaster for the world. >> this morning he'll speak with us live. saved by his scouts. a boy scout leader credits his troop for saving his life after being mauled by a bear. >> we have a gentleman in a cave with the bear. he has been injured by the


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